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Mitre Group claiming IP rights on the EABOK

Note from Alex Matthews:

I think that we should simply accept this risk for now. I have the view that the proposed EABOK is sufficiently different not to be affected by any claim. I think that if we generate enough support from the EA community, Mitre would be silly to risk bad publicity over 8 year old work.

[edit] Discovering My Own Values

At the end of your life a friend once asked, What do you hope to have happened? I thought it a great question and decided to give him a thoughtful answer, so I pocketed it for later and bought myself a month for the assignment. For a while my mind flooded with questions of plot.

[Discovering My Own Values]

[goodville news]

It's aawlys a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!

How neat! Is it rlelay this simple? You make it look easy.

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