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Love is incorporated in the air or perhaps is that your pheromones he longs for? Studies have shown what even cave men knew: certain odors increase romantic and sexual attraction. Now scientists have proven that particular smells act not only on our olfactory system but around the blood flow to some man's sex organ.

If you are trying to find love but just cannot attract that special guy, you may be passing up on the strongest allure of all. Sexual pheromones are hormones that trigger a response within the opposite (or same) sex. Subconsciously, we are drawn not just physically but sexually to the mate. This explains that strange attraction that people just cannot understand logically but simply cannot deny.

There truly is definitely an elixir of affection. If you are looking for any soul mate, do not begin with logical thinking. Pheromones empower your animal magnetism while still providing long-term relationship results. You can attract that royal prince subliminally through smell and keep him with less effort. Along with a daily dose of pheromones can keep the home fires burning for life.

Pumping Up the Pheromones

A healthy diet and lifestyle are an easy way to improve your pheromones levels. Yes, chocolate and oysters top their email list but so do spinach, celery and whole grains. The mineral zinc and the protein L-arginine are also thought to trigger pheromone release. Exercise too has been shown to increase pheromone levels.

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While staying fit improves performance in many areas of your lifetime, it can't help you save from pheromone decline. Pheromones are, after all, meant to ensure the survival of the human race which survival depends upon those in their reproductive years. Pheromone production peaks around age 18 and slowly declines every year after.

Science is the Solution

Just how are you supposed to attract someone when you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond? Science has the answer. It turns out that pheromones aren't that hard to recreate in the lab. Pheromone sprays are made with unique psychological profiles based on if the wearer really wants to attract a man or perhaps a woman. And they come in a variety of fragrances in addition to unscented which means you don't have to give up wearing your favorite cologne.

Pointless to fight evolution or Nature. Pheromone sprays could make you feel more attractive and sensual since you are emitting the odor of love and romance.

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