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Delicious Inspiration: Chocolate Wedding Cakes for the Big Day

Chocolate wedding cakes might not be as traditional as the usual fruitcake option, yet this only gives you more licence to get really creative with your cake and style something amazing for your special day. More and more couples have been ditching tradition to design incredible chocolate wedding cakes which everyone is able to enjoy and that is as special when you are.

Chocolate sculpture Chocolate sculpture is a real talent which very few p?tissieries have mastered. It involves sculpting images from pure chocolate. This process is done purely by hand, without using moulds - this means you can add fantastic, stunning pieces for your chocolate cakes.

Croquembouche A Croquembouche (also known as a Pi?ce Montée) is a traditional French take on the chocolate wedding cake which offers a really unique, breath-taking alternative to the run-of-the-mill cake. A Croquembouche is really a delicious tower (often reaching 4ft or more!) made up of hundreds of profiteroles. Originally, French wedding guests would bring sweet breads along with them and these could be put into a tasty tower for that bride and groom to kiss over (to create the next of sweetness and prosperity). Nowadays these elegant French desserts are a much more organised affair and can be created in a large number of incredible styles, colours, flavours and designs.


Mini chocolate wedding cakes Size isn't everything. Beautiful arrangements of small cakes would be the new sophisticated wedding choice and are just as one increasingly fashionable choice for happy couples. Tiers of small chocolate cupcakes look absolutely stunning and can be decorated and accessorised in any way you wish. Of course, if you want to be sure you have a cake to chop together, a bigger version of your smaller cakes can be used to fill up your mini-cake tiers beautifully!

Mini wedding cupcakes don't just look beautiful, they're also brilliantly versatile and convenient. Save on the mess of reducing your entire cake into individual portions and allow you guests a range of colours, flavours and designs too!

Flavours If you love the thought of chocolate wedding cakes, you may have thought the question of flavour was an obvious one: "Chocolate!". Yet there is a lot more that you can do with chocolate when it comes to flavour. Innovatively flavoured cakes are seriously fashionable right now and flavours for example chilli, champagne, Morello cherry, Seville orange, espresso and many more are extremely popular. For spring chocolate wedding cakes, floral flavours are especially fashionable with rose, lavender and orange-blossom taking centre stage.

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