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Salons: Keeping Clients Satisfied And Returning for More

A client who walks into your salon will usually observe how organized the shop is, meaning the way the decorations are kept and just how clean environmental surroundings is. As she sits down, she may examine the magazines that are scattered throughout the a coffee table and take notice of the dates around the magazines. As she takes time to glance around your shop, she may even start to look at the floors, chairs, and shampoo units, along with the hair products you are offering. Its not all client will survey your shop, but the regulars who venture into your store will begin to recognize the main upgrades your shop needs.


You wouldn't want individuals to enter your shop, take a seat on the hair dryer chair and see that the machine burns their head of hair, leaving it frizzy and damaged. Make certain your equipment functions correctly by regularly inspecting items, spending money on regular maintenance on equipment, and replacing any products that no longer are operating as intended.

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Be sure you execute regular checkups on equipment, which means inspecting the shampoo unit to identify if it is properly cleaning hair and the hair dryer to see if it is drying hair right. The last thing you want is a person to become mad since the item isn't functioning properly, so by conducting regular check ups on equipment, you are able to write a memo regarding any damaged parts on the product and obtain it fixed. For barbershop owners, the same principle applies: inspect your equipment frequently, so if you notice that the barber chairs are beginning to chip or are unable to rotate, get them replaced.


If you're opening the first salon, you may only need the essentials (styling equipment, chairs, and hair products) to get you through the first couple of weeks. If you have been in the industry for quite some time now and see that your mirrors are starting to chip and the chairs are beginning to crack, you might want to go ahead and buy new furniture. The care of the furniture may not deter customers from visiting your shop, if your furnishings are Ten years old or older and it is starting to break, someone will require interest in these flaws.


Little decorations, such as mirrors, vases and lights help affect the look of the salon and affect the final appearance from it. The sight of decorations in your store creates a more professional look than a store with just the bare essentials inside. Yes, decorations are little details when compared with salon equipment, but they do help bring about the appearance and professionalism of your store.

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