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HostGator Review: Why They Are the ideal choice

The main reason that many people use HostGator is they are among the cheapest possibilities. This is an important consideration when you're choosing a hosting company but it can't be the only person. There are numerous others available that provide hosting that's competitive in price with HostGator yet they're nowhere near as popular. So what exactly is it about HostGator that makes them such a popular option for hosting websites?

Probably the most important reasons that HostGator are so popular is that they are very reliable. They've an uptime record that can rival the very best hosting companies. Normally you would have to pay significantly more to obtain hosting this reliable, there isn't any other low cost provider that may even come close to matching them. When you are choosing web hosting reliability is by far the most important thing to look at so this is a big part of the reason that HostGator are extremely popular.

One of the some other reasons that they're very popular is that they offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth even on their own cheapest plans. The truth is this really is much more of a marketing scheme than anything else as few individuals come anywhere close to using the amount of disk space and bandwidth that's offered by other companies. That being said it's nice to understand that it is there if you need it and it does clearly appeal to many people.


Probably the most useful features that HostGator offers is all of the tools that they offer to really make it easy to build a website. They have a site builder feature which when combined with the a large number of templates they provide implies that you can build sites that all have a unique look and get it done very quickly. This is a huge plus for people who do not have lots of experience building sites and for individuals who have to build plenty of sites.

One further thing you need to focus on when you are looking at hosting plans is what kind of customer support they provide. In particular you need to make sure that there is somebody there a day each day 7 days per week to solve any problems you have. This is the case with HostGator so that you can make sure that if you have any difficulties with your site they will be quickly resolved.

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