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Welcome to the EABOK Refresh Wiki

Welcome to the EABOK Wiki. This site has been created as a place for the enterprise architecture community to refresh the EABOK

To get started contributing, click the "EABOK Outline" Menu item to the left of screen

Action plan

This section will evolve over time and will describe the immediate next steps to be taken in refreshing the EABOK


This Wiki Proposes Principles for Good Conduct

These principles are draft and should be agreed amongst the most active participants once the initiative commences.

  • Initially let's try to follow the basic basic principles set out at Wikipedia.
  • Mutual Respect: Enterprise Architects are passionate people. This is a double edged sword. We are evangelists but also can hold strong views. By joining this initiative, you pledge to be polite to other participants.

How To Use The Wiki - How To Contribute

Consult the User's Guide for information on using this wiki.


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