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Are There Any Side Effects of Krill Oil

Krill oil is really a natural extract from the krill, a shrimp like marine invertebrates, found along the coast of Antarctic Ocean. Krill oil offers benefits for humans and has been consumed for many years in Far East for its superior benefits. Krill Oil employed for the same reasons people use fish oil but it is more useful on a number of other health advantages. Krill oil contains powerful antioxidant astaxanthin that is a highly effective in preventing ageing. It's regarded as one of the most effective anti ageing element as the story goes beyond the brain- blood barrier to safeguard the attack of free radical damage to nervous system, eye and brain.

The Main Benefits of Using this Supplement Are:

High cholesterol levels: It's very effective to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol or LDL and increase the good cholesterol of HDL within our body. Research conducted recently among 120 people revealed that oil from krill reduced the LDL by 34% and increased HDL by 43.50%. The result of fish oil was observed over another similar group of people in which the LDL was reduced by 4.60% and HDL increased by 4.20% only.

Arthritis: A daily supplement of Krill oil is very good at reducing arthritis symptoms and irritations.

krill oil

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): It relieves the the signs of Premenstrual syndrome or pms and dysmenorrhoea, a problem during menstruation.

Improvement of Brain function: The essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA, available in this oil, raises the concentrating power and lifts the atmosphere.

Great for Skin Health: Fatty acids contained in this cure the acnes; reduce wrinkles and several other skin problems.

Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD): Perhaps this really is one of many reasons of blindness and can be protected through the carotenoid astaxanthin and the omega-3s contained in oil from krill.

Joint and Bone Health: Oil from krill maintains healthy bones with flexible joints the aged.

The circumstances of Diabetes, Depression and ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder could be improved with krill.

Potential Side Effects of Krill Oil

It's a natural product free of contaminations. Theoretically, it's no harmful elements and safe to consume. But one must keep in mind that, all nutrients shall be taken at recommended dosages because of its optimal benefits.

Krill Oil also has excellent blood thinning properties to avoid heart related issues. But people with blood coagulation problems should naturally take expert advice before taking any krill supplement.

   People that are suffering from shell fish allergies may experience rare allergic attack.
   People that are suffering from IBS or bowel problem can experience diarrhea in rare cases.
   Consuming krill oil on empty stomach may result fishy breath.
   People who're highly sensitive to vitamins and supplements may experience nausea.

It has been established that oil from krill surpasses fish oils on many important nourishment and health benefits. It is absorbed by body easier and good for all around both mental and physical wellness.

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