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[edit] has donated 10

's Liberation Army General Hospital in Beijing is responsible for liver transplantation weeks deposit build week thing all also waiting for liver CT, the NMR two with type checking. Enthusiastic netizens weeks deposit build illness,グッチ 財布, his father wants to cut the liver to save son sent to the Internet, and soon attracted the attention of Internet users, only two days week deposit build has received more than 10,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー,000 yuan in donations from the community enthusiasts. On March 10, the reporter was informed, the week deposit build home Guang'an municipal government in local contributions "love" for the border guards activities, has raised more than 20 million so far. Guang'an Municipal staff,アグ ブーツ, told reporters on the phone, to Zhou Cun built from Guang'an out and join in defending the cause of stability in border areas, He Guang'an children, home elders worried about him,ヴィトン 財布. According to the Guang'an sources, Deng Xiaoping's five children, as the hometown people,air ジョーダン, after hearing the news, has donated 10,000 yuan per person expressed concern for weeks deposit built. News Review: 27-year-old border in Xinjiang, deputy company commander seriously ill 56-year-old father want to cut liver to save a child aged 56 weeks something wholly original home in Sichuan farming, because the hospital to take care of his son,バーバリー, at the end of last year, he came to Urumqi. Weeks the whole thing, said the family was poor, the son of Zhou kept only read the Military Academy was built in order to save money,スパイク サッカー. Aged 27 weeks deposit built in 2007 graduated from the the Xuzhou Engineering Corps Command College, currently Deputy company commander of a border in Xinjiang. Originally thought that life would be better day by day, and who wanted his son got this disease,ナイキ サッカー. "I hope tomorrow with examination results are successful, so that the Son has saved." March 9 weeks the whole thing on the phone says, choking.

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[edit] 000 yuan. Yesterday

's mother-in-law and the purchase of goods to take pictures, and to sign a form, Wang mother-in-law suffers from eye diseases, not to see what signed his name. After signing another guard with a great-grandmother Wang find Xi Maimai piece promoters, promoters say 4 bags of gifts before she gave Wang great-grandmother. Great-grandmother questioned the promoters remove the gift tag stickers to 4 bags of cereal, and accompany Wang great-grandmother with the end of the account. Great-grandmother turned into a home that day "stolen too, grew more and more gas Wang great-grandmother suffered told his wife Yan dad, his wife is one to think it is wrong, since it is a gift, why sign 19,hollister, with his wife, mother-in-law Wang went to the the Carrefour Optical Valley shop requires view of its signature form, see the the office daily grab burglary Record stealing too name "the bar impressively Wang mother's name. Mother-in-law Wang Dunjue gas red forehead, to find the shop requires explained and apologized, but the shop refused. The morning of the 20th, Wang great-grandmother, and his wife came to Carrefour representations surprised to find and Security Report Receipt form her signature was forged her fingerprints. Wang great-grandmother felt so big a age are subjected to such insults, under an urgent Guiqiu also of his innocence, the other did not spot reply. 21, Carrefour the Wuhan, customer service manager with the parties to the Wang great-grandmother to apologize, Wang great-grandmother ask for a written apology, eliminate the impact. 22, Carrefour square, submit a written letter of apology, Wang great-grandmother and their families is not stated in the letter of apology, "Wang great-grandmother was innocent", "Carrefour fabricating facts, frame, framed, framed" lack of sincerity. 25, 2009 after several consultations, the two sides reached on the content of the letter of apology to a consensus, but in the event of a disagreement between the letter of apology inscribed time, great-grandmother Wang is one that, obviously on the 25th before reunification, inscribed in nature is the same day, while Carrefour think should first submit apology books in the 21st. After the two sides broke up the dispute to the City Consumers Association, City Consumers Association twice after unsuccessful mediation, great-grandmother Wang then Carrefour Optical Valley store lawyer told the court. The case has three times the hearing, two mediation without success,moncler. The court finds that Carrefour on tort yesterday afternoon, the case in the Donghu New Technology Development Zone People's Court sentenced. Donghu Development Zone,doudoune moncler, the court ruled that the matter from the 4 bags of cereal is gifts, communication supermarket approved 4 bags of cereal for gifts. But, Carrefour in Wang's mother-in-law and knowledge of the case, she included in the "theft is suspected Name" list, and the table is placed where any person can readily look into the office location. Violations of the human dignity of the mother-in-law Wang objectively led to a reduction in Wang's mother-in-law of social evaluation within a certain range,michael kors outlet, damage the reputation of the mother-in-law Wang, also bound to inflict a certain amount of moral damages, so the court upheld the spirit of mother-in-law Wang requirements compensation petitioned discretionary mental solatium of 5,000 yuan,abercrombie. Yesterday, Wang great-grandmother, the old and feeble, and did not appear in court, she's his wife Yan dad and daughter present in the courtroom. The 77-year-old Yan dad told reporters that the spirit of the great-grandmother by a great deal of damage, and since then has been born with the disease do not want to go out, afraid to encounter acquaintances The court also did not appear in court. Reason they decided to fight the lawsuit, I mainly want also an innocent wife, to protect consumers' personal dignity, solatium is secondary, they just want to see the sincerity of the shop, so that the heart Ye Hao by some ,louboutin pas cher. The verdict on the case, after discussions with Yan dad and daughter, Wen Jun, Wang mother-in-law attorney,air jordan, expressed general satisfaction, not to appeal. And Carrefour delegated agent referrals Carrefour headquarters before deciding whether to appeal,louboutin. The agent refused to interview with reporters. Reporter Wan Qin correspondent DONG Xin Xie Juan intern

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[edit] we once lost. Until yesterday

we once lost,ヴィトン バッグ. Until yesterday,バーバリー コート,accessory than 1:00,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販,emancipate personnel heard cries rushed to the police,グッチ バッグ,merely to find down the road,ルイヴィトン. 8:00 yesterday,アグ ブーツ, reporters perceive the treasure the Jinshan where the Huangshan chomchon many tourists go hand among hand to activity Villagers along the mountains has developed a consultant but Bao Jinshan Wild,グッチ,whether the tourists are never versed with the terrain, it namely threaten to get lost. Police said the paucity of vocational outing guides afford inadequate equipment,アグ, physical courage soak mountain road,plus are never versed with the terrain climbers among woe. Related articles:

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[edit] 00 on the 9th month

's Hospital of Sina microblogging issued a "tracing message": In the early morning of July 9, 39-year-old the sudden heart (muscle) Terrier (plug) Mr. Xie to our hospital emergency dangerous disease,バーバリー 財布, hospital The party immediately open a green channel, overnight surgery. July 16, the patient was left without saying goodbye. The doctor is very worried: patients after cardiac intervention must take time antithrombotic drugs, or retransmission of myocardial infarction may at any time,スパイク サッカー, life-threatening - whether you where on the economy with much difficulty, to the nearest treatment cherish their ... ,ナイキ サッカー... the microblogging also posted the doctors youngster newly opened out a prescription, and a detailed list of the medications taken (left network picture). The hospital said the the hair microblogging purpose is to remind patients of their condition also very heavy, the danger is not lifted, we must take medication on time. It is reported that the Mr. Xie is a large area at 1:00 on the 9th month,バーバリー, more than workers admitted to the hospital emergency room, examined by a doctor on duty judge "acute myocardial infarction" must immediately rescue. About two hours later, Mr. Xie was launched operating room, life is spared. The next few days, Mr. Xie recovered in good condition. Unexpectedly, the evening of the 16th, Mr. Xie is suddenly gone. He pulled out ECG instrument, suddenly left. Cardiology, Nurse said. It is understood that Mr Tse Henan, wage in Xiaoshan one site, is sharing a dormitory workers taken to hospital. Workers to help him to pay 4,500 yuan for medical expenses, Mr. Xie's wife rushed to the hospital the next day,バーバリー コート, brought about 5,000 yuan. The money is not enough surgery cost. Tong said the myocardial infarction patients after surgery, must be absolute bed rest, avoid strenuous exercise within three months and heavy manual labor; require long-term medication to prevent the formation of blood clots; addition, lifestyle should pay more attention to,グッチ バッグ, such as attention to control blood lipids, blood glucose and so on,アグ ブーツ. "Discharge normal circumstances, we would to patients and their families told them, but he suddenly left the hospital,air ジョーダン, we are entirely too late and he said they were." According to the "Evening News"

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[edit] they can not remember

,louboutin pas cher

over a period of time to camp and covert observation, plainclothes police discovered, there are 4 young men often appear in Peking University passenger transport center, them or pretend et al,air jordan, or pretend to wait for a bus, but the eyes are frequently switching in the passers-by.See the 4 trackway more suspicious, they will increase the intensity of an ambush.Plainclothes police crime time on study,moncler, they note, these rob gold necklace case occurs in most every day 12 to 14, namely the lunch time."This time, passenger transport center before the car people, good escape; furthermore, plainclothes have to eat lunch, so the people with the time profile."Analysis of plainclothes police decided at noon, waiting in the vicinity of the station, in order to catch the.

in late October this year, Nanning North Road Peking University passenger transport center before the road frequently women were robbed of gold necklace.This attracted police attention.Then, District Public Security Bureau Brigade Patrol more plainclothes police here waiting for an ambush.

police to record check found: in the public security organs in the record, can be verified in Peking University passenger transport station looted gold necklace reported record scanty.Therefore, district police through the media appeal: to punish criminals, please in Peking University passenger transport center near being snatched away or robbing a gold necklace masses, quickly dial 110.

is ambushed by far to see this.They found that: Rob gold necklace men figure and dress up, and before the lock 4 suspicious men in a person."In addition to steal something the man, the other 3 people should be responsible for each other.We should not act rashly and alert the enemy."The police decided to arrest,doudoune moncler, not far, but on the man, when he and his companions will match the catch all in one draft.

in December 11th 14 when make, one is from Peking University passenger transport center opposite the bus station riding to the middle-aged women,michael kors outlet, while crossing the street was a man off the neck of the gold necklace.The woman immediately loudly, and strive to catch up.The see the women chasing, forced her down on the ground, then ran,louboutin.

Guangxi News Network (reporter Tan Yanyan correspondent Lu power) in December 11th, a specialist in Nanning city north passenger transport centre near rob,hollister, rob a woman gold necklace criminal gangs, were Nanning City District Public Security Bureau patrol unit to capture the undercover.This crime gang member in all 4 people, their confession: in recent months, they repeatedly in Peking University passenger transport center before the bus station near the snatch or robbing a woman of the neck of the gold necklace, crime number at least 20 times.However, the police in the verification of the relevant case records discovered: can check to report record scanty.To this, the police issued an appeal: worked in Peking University passenger transport center near being snatched away or robbing a gold necklace masses, please immediately report to the police,abercrombie france.

after the interrogation, the 4 confession: in recent months, they formed gangs, in Peking University passenger transport center or passenger transport centre opposite the bus station several executive rob or robbery, the targets of women is the neck of the gold necklace.Accurate crime number, they can not remember, but 4 people can remember committing the crime have experienced 20 times.The gang members confessed: "chose in Peking University passenger transport centre near the crime, because here is crowded with people and cars, and foreign travellers.Most of the passengers in the car to change, safety awareness is not strong.

watched more than 3 hours later, 17 PM, police found the man came to grab something to show car market, which also often call.5 minutes later, 3 men there, grinning comes with the name rob Necklace man.See the time is ripe, they immediately arrest undercover.

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[edit] UGG ブーツ

'clock on the 12th, Zhejiang Children's Hospital Intensive Care Center, Renzhang Chen introduced the United States Hangzhou falls girls niu. Morning niu neurological the medication and snooze care measures,ヴィトン 財布, have been able to know Mom and Dad, and softly called simple words such as father,ヴィトン バッグ, mother,UGG ブーツ, aunt,ナイキ サッカー, which began to recover consciousness of the niu Zhang Chen said the United States, brain Ministry is gradually restored. "But there is still a condition we niu worried." Zhang Chen said the United States the niu received severe contusion of the brain and spinal damage, nervous system damage caused by motor dysfunction,グッチ バッグ,アグ, the left limb movement disorder, and sensory disturbances. In layman's terms, the children now have symptoms of hemiplegia, nervous system recovery is slower niu also facing long-term recovery treatment, can be restored to what extent," target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">ヴィトン 財布,グッチ, needs further observation. CT findings from the 12th of view,サッカー ユニフォーム,ヴィトン, according to hospital CLC, niu chest, abdomen were seriously injured, the incident that day a lot of stomach contents into the abdominal cavity, lung contusion caused by blood pneumothorax, these situations are easy to cause the chest and abdominal infection,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, the current on treatment by drugs, drainage control infection. Current problems to be solved is to control the infection left hemiplegia may gradually restored,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, how long it can be restored to what extent, also with to niu own constitution. "Zhang Chen Mei said,アグ ブーツ. Ten days, Hangzhou recent falls girls niu struck a chord in the hearts of thousands of users at home and abroad. July 2, 2-year-old Hangzhou girl niu falls from a window sill,ナイキ サッカー, all that tragedy can not be avoided, neighbors RULE kicked off the high heels, stretched out his arms in the air,アディダス サッカー,ナイキ ジョーダン. RULE the left forearm cut into three sections, but then she miraculously hold to the niu, and was friends affectionately called "the most beautiful mother" hero mother. According to the latest news, the more serious abdominal infection, just waking niu beaten anesthetic wheeled into the operating room, has been receiving spleen surgery. The hospital said that the spleen surgery niu overall recovery will be much affected.

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    [edit] the case is under further investigation.

    ​​the problem in the refurbishment of line,louboutin, so drink armed with shotguns (after the inspection department of plastic guns,michael kors outlet, can shoot the ball bearing lethal) to obstruct construction,abercrombie, and threatened the construction personnel,abercrombie france, the police on duty and onlookers,doudoune moncler. ,louboutin pas cher, Cause trouble and Kwak have been the Quyang police according to law under criminal detention,moncler, the case is under further investigation,hollister.

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    [edit] but also

    's loss of fees. The lawyers said that a certain fault liability in this incident,doudoune moncler, the hair salon, but not full responsibility,hollister. First, the hair salon should ensure that their own operating environment security, should not let the customer premises dangerous,moncler, but the hair salon and did not do a good job of it,louboutin, On the other hand, Mr. Wu as adults on their own in what environment, should have some knowledge, should be especially careful when the surrounding environment is not suitable for shampoo,abercrombie, or will affect their own safety. So the event should be the responsibility of both, but specifically how to divide the responsibility of size,louboutin pas cher, but also,abercrombie france, as the case may be.

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