Enterprise Architecture as Business Capabilities Architecture

“Why do enterprise systems like SAP fail in some companies yet succeed in others? Clearly, the interrelationship between technology and process, skills and culture was not taken into account.” Dana Bredmeyer in Enterprise Architecture as Business Capabilities Architecture http://www.bredemeyer.com/pdf_files/Presentations/EnterpriseArchitectureAsCapabilitiesArchSlides.PDF

I’ve posted this quotation because I think it was the first time anyone really started to focus on the people and culture as essential to successful EA and on enterprises as ‘socio-technical’ systems.

The article itself is a classic and a must read for any EA. It shows the extension for IT architecture with an enterprise wide scope into EA as architecture of the whole enterprise. It was written in the first half of the last decade and only in the last couple of years have the likes of Forrester really turned thier attention to capability maps, etc.

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