About Enterprise Advocate

What do you mean by “Enterprise Advocate”?

We use the term “enterprise” because it can refer to:

  • An entire business or corporation
  • A conglomerate of several organizations, such as a joint venture or partnership
  • The full business ecosystem including partners and customers
  • A part of a larger enterprise (such as a business unit)

The enterprise is a complex, socio-technical system that includes:

  • people
  • business strategy & operations
  • information
  • technology

“Enterprise” as used in enterprise architecture generally means more than the information systems employed by an organization but there are times when a specific focus on the enterprise’s technology will be the optimal approach. Defining the boundary of each enterprise is an important first step in definint a solution to your business problem using enterprise architecture.

Advocate: Modern enterprises are complex, socio-technical systems. The people that are at the center of these systems often have different motivations and different agendas. Our advocacy services are about taking action to help your enterprise collectively express and define:

  • outcomes that best serve your enterprise as a whole
  • specific action plans for how to achieve the agreed outcomes
  • practical metrics that will help you improve your capability over time

The enterprise architecture methods that we use ensure that the interests of all participants are represented, that trade-offs are clearly understood and risks are treated. Advocacy is about enabling every person to have a voice and 
ensuring that they are not excluded because they do not express their 
views in ways that people understand. The enterprise architecture methods that we use ensure that people are communicating in a way that is universally understood. Our approach is to help business leaders to solve business problems and seize business opportunities.

We believe that only the key stakeholders in your enterprise can know what constitutes strategy that best meets your enterprise’s purpose. It is our philosophy that the it is the advocate’s responsibility to draw that knowledge out from the stakeholders, and reconcile any contradictions or conflicts in the stakeholders’ collective understanding of what being fit for purpose entails.

Our experienced consultants can and do suggest things that your business stakeholders ought to consider as possibly contributing to fitness for purpose, but we believe that a consultant who assumes a priori that something is always essential to achieving fitness for purpose for any and all missions is stepping on the prerogatives of your business stakeholders’.

Enterprise Advocate is a business transformation & enterprise architecture consulting services company. We operate in Australia and can provide our services internationally.

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