Enterprise Architecture Lessons

Things that every enterprise architect should know

EA is not just about technology

“There are two distinctions I’d like to draw. First of all, in the many transformation experiences we’ve studied, you can simplistically say there are three key issues: people, organizations, and technology, and the technology is the easy part. The people and organizations are the hard part.” – Bill Rouse

EA is about communication

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

Enterprises are made up of people

“Most organizations do not have a single uniform value system, but a range of different (overlapping, conflicting) value systems. There will often be creative tension between different parts of the organization, reflecting their different concerns and responsibilities.” – Richard Veryard

The Increasing Pace of Change

“Are you moving in ‘customer-time’ or in ‘company-time’? Are you built to last or built to change? Dr. Nicola Milleard (video below)

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